When Should I Have My Cataracts Removed?

A cataract develops when the proteins in your eyes break down and build up on your natural lens, causing it to become cloudy. For a lot of people, this happens with age. Cataracts can also occur due to certain medications, diseases like diabetes, previous eye surgery, and trauma. Most cataracts progress gradually and don’t disturb… Read More

How Often Do Adults Need Eye Exams?

Do you wear glasses or contact lenses to see? Even if you don’t, you may still need to see your eye doctor for eye exams. The number of times you should visit an ophthalmologist or optometrist for an eye examination changes throughout your life. Getting frequent eye exams is about a lot more than having… Read More

Is LipiFlow a Good Treatment Option for My Dry Eyes?

Are your dry eyes getting in the way of doing the things you love? Dry eyes can make it harder to drive, work, read, watch TV, and enjoy the things you once did, significantly reducing your quality of life. It can also affect your productivity and your ability to accomplish everyday tasks. Fortunately, help is… Read More

Why Are My Eyes So Much Drier in the Winter?

Do your eyes feel dry or irritated? With colder weather, it’s not uncommon if you start experiencing dry eye symptoms that seem to worsen. The winter can speed up the evaporation of tears and exacerbate dry eye symptoms. Your eyes become drier when you use the heat to keep warm inside or whenever you’re exposed… Read More

8 Tips for Your Most Relaxing Cataract Surgery Recovery

Are you wondering if you may need to have cataract surgery? Cataracts occur when the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy, making it harder to see and perform everyday activities like reading, cooking, and driving.  Over time, having cataracts makes your vision blurry and worsens it. The only way to effectively treat cataracts is… Read More

When Does My Child Need Their First Eye Exam?

Even if your child seems like they can see well, eye exams are still necessary. As children get older, their eyes are also developing and growing. But when does your child need their first eye exam? Eye doctors agree that for the best vision health, infants should start by receiving a vision screening. Regular eye… Read More

How Do I Know If I Need a Corneal Transplant?

Have you recently been told that you’ll need a corneal transplant? You may have questions, including what to expect and why you need one. The cornea is the clear, front part of the eye that helps the eye bend light and focus. It also protects the inner eye from UV light and irritants like dust…. Read More

What To Expect When You Have Your Pupils Dilated

Eye doctors regularly apply eye drops to dilate patients’ pupils. Using these special kinds of eye drops allows your eye doctor to see the interior of the eyes. There are many reasons to have your pupils dilated. Keep reading for some insights into what to expect when you have your eyes dilated and why you… Read More

Is Early Diagnosis Important with Diabetic Eye Disease?

Are you a diabetic? Having diabetes can affect you in many ways, but you may not realize that having high blood sugar levels can even affect your eyes! Diabetes happens when your blood sugar or blood glucose levels are higher than necessary. People who have diabetes have a higher likelihood of developing several types of… Read More

What Does The Cornea Do?

The cornea is a critical part of the eye that helps you see. If you want to understand how your eyes work and how you’re able to see, it’s helpful to know what the cornea is and how it functions. Keep reading to learn more about the cornea and find out how you can keep… Read More